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Testimonial 12

March 25, 2017

“Myself and my husband [were] very impressed with each and every attorney. We were put at ease. It was a great experience and the level of professional[ism] was refreshing. We are so glad that we chose your firm.”

Corrective statement in Jimmo case gets greenlight from all involved parties

March 23, 2017

A federal court has approved the corrective statement that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will use as part of its settlement in the Jimmo v. Sebelius case, advocates involved in the proceedings announced last week.

The statement, which clarifies Medicare coverage for skilled maintenance therapy, was required as part of a plan approved by the court earlier this month. The statement explains that a therapy program “to maintain the patient’s current condition or to prevent or slow further deterioration is covered so long as the beneficiary requires skilled care for the safe and effective performance of the program.” Continue reading

Federal Block Grants Have Been a Big Financial Loser for the States

March 23, 2017

A key element of the Republicans’ plan for replacing Obamacare is transforming the costly Medicaid program into a series of block grants to the states. The idea is to save the federal government billions of dollars in the coming years while giving state officials more flexibility to set eligibility requirements and spending levels to provide health care services to the nation’s poor and disabled.

But there is one serious catch: While the extensive use of block grants has proven over the years to be a great financial boon for Congress and the federal government in attempting to rein in spending, it has been a bad deal for the states and hundreds of millions of Americans dependent on federal assistance. Continue reading

ALERT: Legal representation for seniors who have been financially exploited

March 23, 2017

Grant funds have been found to continue the effort to combat the financial exploitation of seniors and vulnerable adults for at least one more year, says Jeffrey H. Myers, Assistant Attorney General, Maryland Department of Aging.

Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General Pursues Asset Recovery On Behalf of Senior Citizens and Vulnerable Adults

Good News about Senior Asset Recovery – Grant funds have been found to continue the effort to combat the financial exploitation of seniors and vulnerable adults for at least one more year, says Jeffrey H. Myers, Assistant Attorney General, Maryland Department of Aging. Continue reading

Doctors bill Medicare for end-of-life advice as ‘death panel’ fears reemerge

March 23, 2017

End-of-life counseling sessions, once decried by some conservative Republicans as “death panels,” gained steam among Medicare patients in 2016, the first year doctors could charge the federal program for the service.

Nearly 14,000 providers billed almost $35 million — including nearly $16 million paid by Medicare — for advance care planning conversations for about 223,000 patients from January through June, according to data released this week by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Full year figures won’t be available until July, but use appears to be higher than anticipated. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits

March 23, 2017

Social Security Disability Benefits

In the unfortunate event you contract an illness or suffer an injury and are unable to work, Social Security disability benefits provide you with supplemental income during this difficult time. However, applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a confusing process if you haven’t done it before. Luckily, this guide will go in-depth to provide which conditions qualify for benefits, how to apply and even how to calculate your disability benefit if you receive approval. Continue reading

U.S. life expectancy will soon be on par with Mexico’s and the Czech Republic’s

March 23, 2017

Life expectancy at birth will continue to climb substantially for residents of industrialized nations — but not in the United States, where minimal gains will soon put life spans on par with those in Mexico and the Czech Republic, according to an extensive analysis released Tuesday.South Korean women and Hungarian men are projected to make the largest overall gains (with South Koreans second among males). There is a better-than-even chance that South Korean women will live to an average of 90 years old by 2030, which would be the first time a population will break the 90-year barrier, according to the research published in The Lancet. Continue reading

Revocable Living Trusts – Facts and Fictions

March 23, 2017

This article is reprinted with the permission of the Estates and Trusts Section of the Maryland State Bar Association. The article was developed jointly by the Estates and Trusts Law Section and the Offices of the Registers of Wills. The Section would like to thank Charles S. Abell, Edwin G. Fee, Jr., Sheldon S. Satisky, Francis E. Yeatman, and Frederick R. Franke, Jr. for the time and effort that they have contributed to this project. For links to the Offices of the Registers of Wills that are on-line in Maryland, go to The Registers also have available a “General Guide to Estate Administration” at Probate forms may be downloaded from the Registers’ at Continue reading