Living with Dementia – 51 Tips to Help You With Daily Living

July 30, 2019

In this in-depth infographic and article we share with you a whole range of tips of advice to help those living with dementia, whether that be you or a loved one.

We’d like to start this article by dispelling a few key myths about Dementia.

1. Dementia is not a disease

Contrary to popular belief, Dementia is not a singular illness. It’s a condition, caused by lots of different diseases. ‘Dementia’ is the collective term for the symptoms of these illnesses.  The most common forms of dementia are Vascular DementiaLewy Body Dementia and Frontotemporal Dementia.

2. Dementia is not ‘part of getting older’

Dementia isn’t a normal part of the ageing process. Although the likelihood of developing Dementia rises with age, it also affects many people under the age of 65.

Dementia is about more than just memory loss

Dementia affects people in a variety of ways – which all differ of course from person to person. Everybody experiences Dementia differently, and may have one symptom or many in varying degrees.

It’s still possible to live a healthy, happy, independent life with Dementia.

Dementia doesn’t stop you enjoying life

The fourth and final fact is what this infographic and article is all about. People with Dementia can – and do – continue to live their lives to the full, even as the condition progresses. But living well is only possible with the right tools, support and advice.

Below this infographic you will find a lot more written information regarding the tips.  We hope you find this useful. Please click on for the infographic and for the remainder of the article.