Estate Planning

Estate Planning
Our attorneys review each client’s situation and make recommendations concerning the legal tools that may achieve their goals. Our firm can assist you in understanding the various methods to distribute assets upon your death either through your probate estate or outside probate. Whether it is a last will & testament, revocable living trust, special needs trust, life estate deed, placing beneficiary designations on assets or other methods, we will review the pros and cons of the different options, draft the necessary documents and assist you in implementing the estate plan.

Living Wills and Advance Directives
There may come a point where you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself such as whether to consult a doctor, consent to a medical procedure, or make decisions concerning the withholding or withdrawal of life sustaining treatment. Our attorneys can assist you in appointing someone to make these decisions for you and providing instructions regarding the care you do or do not want to receive by drafting health care powers of attorney and living wills (also known as advance directives). If you are the health care agent or Guardian of Person, our firm can advise you in making health care decisions on the disabled’s person behalf. If you need to obtain guardianship, our firm can provide representation for the court proceedings.

Financial Power of Attorney
A financial power of attorney is a document that gives one person (the “agent”) the power to act on behalf of the person who executes it (the “principal”). The principal decides what powers he wants to give his agent and under which circumstances the agent will be authorized to act. Principals commonly authorize their agents to do things like withdraw funds from the principal’s accounts to pay bills, buy and sell securities or other property on behalf of the principal, and pull funds out of the principal’s tax-deferred retirement accounts. Additionally, many principals choose to authorize their agents to make gifts or establish and fund trusts with the principal’s assets. These powers can be very useful in tax and government benefits planning.

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