…I want to reiterate my opinion that your firm is the finest at what you do and I fully intend to continue to refer clients to you. …thanks very much for all of your help.

Dear Kandace, I want to express my sincere gratitude for all your services rendered for the last five years for my late wife’s Medical Assistance and Long Term Care. I thank you and your team for the professional excellence and personal kindness… Sincerely,  Salem Wahby

Kandace Scherr and Rachel Vogel assisted my family with eldercare planning for both of my parents. Their careful attention to our needs and all of the financial concerns put us at ease. Rachel Vogel was deeply involved with the mountains of paperwork, timely filings and answering my many emails and calls. Both provided our family with excellent care and thoughtful attention to our concerns. I do and have recommended Frank, Frank and Scherr LLC, to anyone needing Eldercare financial planning.

Kandace – I am writing after you met with a professional friend of mine earlier today – Bob – and his father-in-law (whose name I do not know). In any event, Bob asked me for a referral to an elder care lawyer, not even 2 weeks ago. He asked that I refer him to someone to whom I would refer my own family. That made it easy, because I previously referred my mother to your practice over 10 years ago when my father was terminally ill. I am writing at this time to express my deepest thanks for making me look good, because I cannot tell you in strong enough terms how happy and appreciative Bob was for the referral. I asked him if he minded that I send you a thank you note, so I don’t think he will mind if I share the following comments with you: “She was professional beyond belief, knowledgeable, and clearly was at the top of the game. She may very well be his salvation in the twilight of his years.” I can only hope that my clients speak that highly of me! In any event, we do not know one another, but I wanted to let you know how much Bob and his family appreciate you, and how much I appreciate knowing that they were so well looked after. It certainly comforts me in making future referrals to you and your firm. Thanks again, Mike

Kandace sent me a lovely letter which I appreciate so very much. I want to thank you, Kandace, and all the staff for all your help with my mom. At this time I do not know of anything more your office can do for my family, however please know I highly recommend you to all my Maryland friends as they struggle with elder care issues. Once again please know how very much over the last 20+ years I have greatly appreciated the help and support your firm has given me and my family, for me you were the anchor in the storm.

Ms. Scherr helped my family through a very difficult process during a stressful time for all of the family. Her work set the stage for my father to stay in his home and look forward to a more secure future. —Michael


I like Ms. Scherr. She is very knowledgeable in elder law, and helped me resolved a somewhat complicated Medicaid issue with my mother’s nursing home.

I had to assume care of an elderly stepparent who became mentally compromised overnight. My husband is an attorney, but not an expert in elder care. I was referred to Kandace and remain very grateful for her expert advice. I recommend her whenever I can. Look no further. —Anita Stapleton

Kandace’s knowledge, patience, and professionalism were outstanding. Highly recommended! —Howard

My family has been very pleased with the expertise and knowledge of Kandace, Criselle and the services of Frank, Frank and Scherr. We used them to guide us through the process of settling my parents’ estate while my father was being approved for Medicaid and being admitted to a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s Disease. I live in NC, my parents live in DE and my father now lives in a nursing home in MD. Kandace and Criselle were always quick to respond and kept me apprised before, during and after the process. We continue to use them each year for my father’s annual Medicaid recertification. Highly recommend! — Michele Hignutt

Hello, Jeannette & Phyllis! Since my mother’s passing on October 15th, it looks like everything has been “cleaned up.” We would like to express how grateful we are for all of the effort and guidance Frank, Frank, and Scherr has provided us in navigating the elder care requirements for our mother. Quite frankly (no pun intended), we couldn’t have accomplished this task without you. We have recommended you to our friends who find themselves in a similar situation. Thank you again for everything!

We have worked with Kandace and her team for several years and have been extremely pleased with her legal guidance in Eldercare law. She put our family’s mind at rest and made sure we understood exactly what our options were and how to implement them. She was able to help us apply for Medicaid approval for my Mother who had Alzheimer’s disease and was going into a nursing home. Her knowledge and expertise were always just a phone call away and her timely response and follow-up were exceptional! — Kimberley Valaer

Kandace Scherr and her team are extremely knowledgeable and have always provided me with immediate and concise responses, detailed updates and well explained instructions. I have utilized the expertise of Kandace Scherr and her team on multiple occasions and she handles all matters with a high degree of professionalism and thoroughness. I always recommend Kandace Scherr and the attorneys at Frank, Frank & Scherr to anyone facing issues involving elder law, Medicare or Medicaid!

My family is very please[d] with the assistance we received from Ms. Scherr and her paralegal, Criselle Anderson. With their help, my family has an estate plan and wills that reflect that planning. Thank you both for working with us patiently and for using language and scenarios that are understandable to those outside the legal profession.

Planning for the care of our loved ones, especially aging parents, can be both a physically and emotionally challenging process. The situation becomes more complex and intensified when dealing with family members affected by dementia. The foresight to execute proper legal documents to ensure that the authority to implement proper medical and financial decisions is in place is paramount. In addition, taking advantage of all the legal provisions to protect the estates of our loved ones is exacting, complex and best left to those with knowledge and expertise. Finally, when all resources have been exhausted, the process of applying for Medicaid coverage is enormously time consuming, requiring stringent and meticulous navigation of the complex governmental system.

My mother, and then my father, had the unfortunate fate of developing progressive dementia and physical ailments that left me exhausted beyond capacity as a caregiver addressing their needs. The decision to place mother in a nursing home was difficult and emotionally painful but necessary. Confronted with the financial enormity associated with this decision and the multiple complex financial resources of my parents, I sought legal advice with Frank, Frank & Scherr, LLC., initially consulting Jason Frank, Esq., and then working closely with Kandace L. Scherr, Esq. and her staff. The interaction was not only professional but personal, ensuring that every legal document and need was carefully addressed. In my particular circumstance, Kandace was able to preserve certain assets of the estate and relieved me of the enormous burden of compiling complex detailed financial matters in preparation for Medicaid. I underestimated that scrutiny of the Maryland Bureau of Long-Term care. Kandace and her team were scrupulous in making sure every detail and requirement were met. Despite the complexity of my particular case, the approval proceeded expeditiously and smoothly.

Within two years of my mother’s admission to long-term care, my father became severely medically incapacitated. His mental clarity declined. As he approached the need for 24-hour care, it became apparent that he, like my mother, would require assistance in a long-term care facility. Fortunately, Kandace had preplanned this event, ensuring that all the legal documents addressed specific requirements far in advance of this event, considering both parents would eventually be incapable of making decisions. As my father’s medical condition made it difficult for him to visit my mother, he only wished that he could join her. Soon after meeting the medical criteria for long-term nursing care, my father was admitted to the same institution. The financial issues became more complex and demanding. Again, Kandace was able to preserve additional assets, meeting strict legal criteria and smoothly transitioned my father into long-term care with Medicaid.

My father shared with my mother for almost 1 year while in long-term care until he died on April 12th of 2017. What I considered financially impractical or impossible came to fruition thanks to the effort, exacting diligence, and compassionate professionalism of Kandace and her team. The memory of my two parents together, holding hands, day by day, after 69 years of marriage, is embodied in my memory forever. — Dr. Roman Ratych

The interaction was not only professional but personal, ensuring that every legal document and need was carefully addressed. In my particular circumstance, Kandace was able to preserve certain assets of the estate and relieved me of the enormous burden of compiling complex detailed financial matters in preparation for Medicaid. I underestimated that scrutiny of the Maryland Bureau of Long-Term care. Kandace and her team were scrupulous in making sure every detail and requirement were met.

Kandace was a true blessing to our family. She was incredibly professional, compassionate, and patient as we worked through the Medicaid process for our sweet Mom and Dad. We truly would have been lost without her knowledge, expertise, and dedication to our family. It was an honor to work with Kandace as she so beautifully protected our Mom and Dad with her knowledge and strategies. She allowed us to sleep more peacefully at night, as we worked through all of these decisions for our parents. — Laura Phelps

August 4, 2017
…Dear Jason:
You are so nice

– Thanks…

I want to commend Alex and Charlotte for helping me through the [estate administration] process. They responded quickly to my requests and were always professional and courteous. My sincere thanks to all of you for your support.

Hi Charlotte,
…Thanks for your help in getting this estate settled. Our parents gave me a gift by having chosen Frank, Frank and Scherr to handle the estate…

Dear Charlotte,
…Thank you for your excellent service and professional demeanor throughout this difficult time…

Good Morning!
We received an email from Criselle, letting us know that Thomasina was approved for Medicaid. Just wanted to send a Thank You to all who worked on her case.

Again, thanks so much for all your efforts through this process, it is appreciated.

Rob & Maria

Dear Jason,
Thank you for sponsoring our June 13, 2017 event, SAFEguarding Our Seniors on June 13. We appreciate your support of our mission to address elder abuse in our community.

We appreciate your support and belief in the work we do at SAFE and CHANA. Because of your sponsorship for our program, CHANA has more precious resources to help victims of abuse and trauma in our community. Through ongoing partnerships, our community can work together to prevent, respond to and address the crime of elder abuse.

Jason, please accept our deepest appreciation, on behalf of all the people we humbly serve.

Elizabeth A. Schuman
Director, Development

“I have just concluded my estate planning with Rachel. The company and she in particular were very kind and made it a much more pleasant experience. Thank you for your help.”

… Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did!
I’m so glad I got to meet you and the team at Frank, Frank & Scherr. You were absolutely amazing in your details and support.

Dear Jason,
Thank you so much for being a speaker and exhibitor at the Annual Dementia Conference. You are such an amazing presenter. People are still talking about your wonderful presentation. Thank you for your time.

Junnell Daniels,
Education Coordinator,
Alzheimer’s Association

“Myself and my husband [were] very impressed with each and every attorney. We were put at ease. It was a great experience and the level of professional[ism] was refreshing. We are so glad that we chose your firm.”

Dearest Kandace,

Where do I begin to thank you for all you have done for dad and our family?  Your expertise was so valuable to us.  You have truly been such a pleasure to meet, work with and be guided by with both mom and dad.

I remember so well our first meeting with you in 2009 at your office. On that day, I felt so comforted and trusting in you, your knowledge, and your compassion for dad, John and I.  You have provided much peace in our care for mom and dad.  I truly do not know where dad would have been without your strategies necessary to protect him.  When mom went into a Nursing Center, your plans for both mom and dad have been so comforting and helpful to the Phelps family.
As we now mourn the loss of our sweet dad, we are very grateful for your guidance along dad’s journey.  We will be forever thankful for the gift of you in our lives since 2009.

With Thanks and Respect,
Laura and John Phelps

“Greetings Kandace…I was speaking with a client yesterday who is the third or fourth client to mention your name; praising the work you have done with their parents or significant other. Being in this business for 11 years now, it is not very common to hear constant praise for someone tied to the financial industry. Just wanted to thank you for the work that you do! Well done!”

“Phyllis and Jeannette are outstanding professionals. They were as always (we go back to ‘96) a pleasure and a blessing to work with. I’m glad to know them both.”

“I have greatly appreciated Phyllis Erlich’s legal counsel since 2006 for my mother and legal needs. You have always been friendly, caring and professional. I never hesitated to recommend your law firm to my friends.”

“Kandace was instrumental in helping my parents move into a retirement/medical facility when my Dad had his stroke. She took care of everything from finances to wills. We never could have successfully settled my parents without her guidance and knowledge. Her firm also helped my neighbor with their long term care needs as well. A-plus Service!”

C. Supik

“No words to express how terrific your whole team has been, both legally — and in terms of your compassion, patience, and understanding.

Thanks again!”

“Many thanks to you and Kandace for all of your help during this matter. Your professionalism, helpful guidance and assistance made a trying and stressful situation much easier to handle. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone else facing elder care issues.”

“I just want to thank you and your paralegal staff again for all the help you were to me and to my family. Your advice on the gifting process and all your work in navigating the Medicaid application in general was very greatly appreciated. Having all that work done prior to my dad’s death has made things a whole lot easier for all of us. Although he was never in a position to know anything about what was going on, I’m sure my dad would also have truly appreciated all the kindness and patience shown to us by you and your staff.”

“My mom and I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for our family. We would have been lost without you, and your guidance and understanding throughout the last several months meant a lot to us. Thank you also for the kind professional courtesy on the last billing statement – that was most kind. I’m sure I’ll be calling you down the road for help later with mom (but hoping that will be a while) and with our own future planning. Thank you again for everything.”

“Thanks so very much for all of your work with this tremendous achievement. Our family is very blessed to have you in our world and Angelo would thank you for our family if he could. Your amazing efforts and perseverance on this case were outstanding. Thank you!”

“We were very pleased with the firms professionalism and courteous way we were treated. We would recommend your firm to our friends and family.”

The following is a message to Jason Frank in response to his article “Aging in (Whose) Place?”.

Hello. Mr. Frank.

Thank you for shining light on the situation of HCBOW.

Sadly, my 93 year old mother is losing her home because she lived longer than her resources could sustain. Even with her long term care insurance (it stops in 7 more months), which she wisely purchased many years ago…her nursing needs have eclipsed what they allow each month and we are rapidly depleting whatever savings she has left. We had hopes that she could age in place in her condo and got a reverse mortgage to make this happen. We did not anticipate that her health would deteriorate so much and now, that mortgage has become a liability because we cannot make enough profit from the sale of the condo, to help pay for assisted living.

We went through at least $60,000 of her savings to pay for 24/7 nursing care which she needed after several bad falls and a life threatening UTI, in the past few years.

She is the widow of a WWII vet but we have not had much luck in collecting benefits for her, other than less than $100 a month. My husband is currently grappling with the many forms needed to apply for Aid and Assistance, and has taken us months to untangle what we need to do with the VA. 

There are so many in similar positions. I feel terrible that my mother now needs to leave her home soon. We had modified our own home in the hopes of her moving in with us, but now realize that we cannot afford the help I would need each day to cope with her disabilities and illness.   I hope you continue to fight for the elderly. They deserve so much better. Thank you.

Professor Frank,

I am finally catching up on “to do” items since finals season has ended.  I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your time this semester.  I appreciate the effort that you have put into helping formulate solutions for Maryland’s elder communities.  If we could clone you, the elderly might have a fighting chance of coming out on top!  I wish you the best in your retirement.  I am sorry to see you leave academia, but am happy to know that you have a succession plan in place.  

Happy holidays!